Failing coatings can lead to serious corrosion and structural failure. In addition to identifying areas that are affected by corrosion, we will develop and recommend repairs to establish structural integrity. As a further step, we can also fabricate the needed plates to reinforce the member or if required, after calculations are performed, replace the support member.

Dan Rodriguez
Senior Inspector

RMS Tritec assists clients with non-destructive testing, inspecting of tanks, piping, cranes and steel structures including concrete and masonry. We've provided inspections for clients in the mining, power, steel, petroleum, ethanol, chemical, pulp and paper industries, as well as processing plants and miscellaneous commercial facilities.

In combination with RMS Tritec's industrial inspectors, our engineers are also available for advice and assistance with any project you may have. RMS Tritec's inspection team can readily provide the following services to meet your needs:
  • Structural inspections including industrial and commercial structures, floor systems and roof systems
  • Equipment inspections including vessels, tanks, piping, stacks and dust collection equipment
  • Structural integrity inspections of overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and mobile equipment
  • Structural integrity inspections of overhead crane runways, rails, rail clips, girders, backup systems and support columns
  • Design services for new construction, repair of existing structures and reverse engineering of vendor items
  • On-site consulting to monitor and advise contractors that are conducting repair efforts, erecting building additions and installing new steel work
  • RMS Tritec offers a complete line of NDE services and engineering evaluations per API Standards 653, 570, 510, STI SP001 and AWWA D100. Our certified inspectors and engineers work as a team to provide quality, comprehensive inspections and formal reports so that the overall integrity of the inspection item can be determined
RMS Tritec's industrial inspectors hold the following certifications:
  • NDT Level II: Visual, magnetic particle, dye penetrant and ultrasonics
  • API 653: Tanks
  • API 570: Piping
  • Steel Tank Institute: Tanks
  • Crane Institute of America: Overhead Cranes

Dan Rodriguez
Positions Available
RMS Tritec Industrial Inspection

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